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The Making of Another Chance … From The Words of the Playwright

Posted by gzcorpwebs on May 6, 2019
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Another Chance was birthed out of prayer and my personal relationship with God. It emerged at one of the lowest times of my life. I questioned myself, my purpose and my faith. I was broken and disillusioned. In the midst of the pain, I intensified my prayer life. I was looking for something personal… something that could fill the empty void. I asked God to “use me, use every part of me.”

During a conversation about the plight of theatre with Pamela Faith Jackson, friend and dramaturg of Another Chance, she asked me if I had something to say. Unreservedly, I replied, “Yes.” She said, “Write it.” I told her I wrote 15 pages years ago, but never finished. I knew then that I had to complete what I started. That’s when the journey began.

Within 30 days, I went from 15 to 135 pages. I was driven to write. The dialogue, storyline, music, lyrics and choreography came effortlessly. Through late night talks with Pamela Faith, encouragement from my mom, the late Iris B. Daniels, inspiration from my (then) six year old daughter Tiana Marie, and support from my husband Emmanuel, I knew God was stirring up the gifts inside of me to glorify Him. Another Chance was and is my answered prayer and undeniably, with no previous playwriting experience, my gift from God.

In 1997 Another Chance premiered Off-Broadway at the Samuel Beckett Theatre in New York City and was directed by Producing Director, Susan Watson Turner, of the world-renowned Negro Ensemble Company (NEC). Another Chance marked NEC’s first gospel musical production in its (then) 30 year history! The following year under the leadership of my soulmate Emmanuel, Another Chance traveled to Crossroads Theatre Company in New Jersey during the summers of 1998 & 1999.

What began as a personal journey of healing evolved into a message designed to bring hope and love to humanity. It is my fervent prayer that lives will be changed, hearts touched and spirits uplifted, in knowing that God has given all of us Another Chance.